3 Tips to Prevent an AC Breakdown During a Heat Wave

3 Tips to Prevent an AC Breakdown During a Heat Wave. HVAC tech

An air conditioner is your lifeline during a prolonged heat wave. Below are 3 tips to prevent an AC breakdown during a heat wave.

This life-saving comfort system is a necessity when temperatures soar and linger in Las Vegas, NV, as they have under the heat dome that has scorched most of the U.S. Southwest. 

Risking an AC breakdown during extreme heat also risks your health. According to the National Weather Service, heat-related fatalities in 2023 surpassed deaths related to tornadoes, lightning, floods, hurricanes, and other weather events.

With much of the Western U.S. broiling in high temperatures this month, you likely will only find relief from the heat this summer with a reliable AC. 

Professional Help for Your Air Conditioning

Fortunately, at Sun CIty Heating & Cooling, we are committed to your well-being and comfort year-round and during all weather conditions. We recognize our expertise is in high demand in the summer when the cooling season is in full swing and extreme temperatures dominate Southwest heat forecasts.  

We are available to restore air conditioning to your Las Vegas home. We respond to requests for AC repair quickly but prefer to help you avoid the need for repairs. 

Breakdowns are not inevitable. Here are three ways to insulate your home from an air conditioning malfunction during a heat wave:

  1. Schedule AC Maintenance ASAP
    Why risk the need for emergency AC repairs this summer when you can schedule a system checkup now? Tune-ups are the best way to get your air conditioner in shape for high temperatures.

    During maintenance, our licensed technicians at Sun CIty Heating & Cooling will clean and lubricate components, check the refrigerant level, inspect electrical connections, and assess the unit’s performance. We can catch and fix problems before they spiral out of control and trigger other issues.

    A tune-up will boost your system’s energy efficiency and prepare it to handle intense heat. You will welcome the restored efficiency when you check your monthly electricity bill. You will also feel relieved knowing you scheduled professional maintenance before AC repairs swamp HVAC technicians.

    As summer rolls on and the heat intensifies, scheduling a repair technician at your preferred time can be challenging.
  • Upgrade to High-Efficiency AC
    If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, needs frequent repairs, or has significant problems, replacing it with a high-efficiency unit will save money on repairs and energy bills, improving cooling and humidity-reducing performance.

    A high-efficiency air conditioner uses less energy than your outdated system and reduces your impact on the environment. Its variable-speed compressor with inverter technology adjusts its speed to deliver the cooling needed.

    It turns on, speeds up, and attains cooling capacity, reaching the desired temperature on your thermostat. It slows and runs at a lower speed to maintain the temperature.

    A conventional compressor turns on, runs at capacity until it reaches the desired temperature, and then turns off. When the indoor temperature falls below the set point, the compressor turns on again. Constant stopping and starting expends energy and shortens component lifespan through wear and tear.

    High-efficiency air conditioners also are quiet and better at reducing humidity.
  • AC Air Filter
    Replacing your air filter is an easy maintenance task that yields significant results. Your air conditioner runs more frequently during a heat wave. If it operates with a dirty, debris-clogged air filter, it loses efficiency and might even overheat. A dirty filter restricts airflow, which could lead to a breakdown.

    Check your filter for dirt at least monthly and more frequently during a prolonged heat wave. Refer to your AC owner’s manual for the filters your system should use.

Prepare Your AC for Summer Heat

Let Sun City Heating & Cooling tune up the air conditioner in your Las Vegas, NV home, or recommend solutions for AC replacement. Call us at 702-873-1217 or request service online

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